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Immersion liquid nitrogen Cryogenic Grinder


Brand:Shanghai Jingxin

Specifications :PCS

Introduction:three patents patent number: CN201611192660.X patent number: CN201320039424.X patent number: CN2016201409584.9

Immersion liquid nitrogen Cryogenic Grinder

Real liquid nitrogen freezing

Grinding and crushing at low temperature of -196℃

Has three patents

Patent number: CN201611192660.X

Patent number: CN201320039424.X

Patent number: CN2016201409584.9

Product description:

Jingxin Portable Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Grinding Machine is powerful, it is the world's technologically leading liquid nitrogen freezer grinding equipment, the whole process runs at ultra-low temperature, and it is recognized as an efficient grinding equipment in the market: its freezer grinding method is an advanced and efficient , Convenient sample processing method, which can handle samples that are difficult to handle by conventional methods, such as: plastic, rubber, resin, leather, hair, bone, wood, textile materials, etc., which is called the ultimate means of grinding. Liquid nitrogen cryo-grinding instrument has a wide range of applications, such as RNA/DNA detection in biochemistry, polymer structure analysis, determination of trace elements, food analysis, mineral research, medical and surgical assistance, drug performance testing, textile composition Identification and so on

Advantages and characteristics of liquid nitrogen cryogenic grinder:

1. Grinding at low temperature maintains the activity of biological substances, ensures the retention of volatile substances, prevents thermal degradation of thermally unstable compounds, and maintains original sensitivity to metabolites, isomers and complex compounds that are sensitive to thermal and mechanical pressure Characteristic substance.

2. Sample processing is uniform and repeatable.

3. The certainty after setting the grinding parameters makes the sample processing comparable.

4. Sample processing is convenient, fast and efficient.

Main performance:

1. Data accuracy and reproducibility are high;

2. The sample is always at the temperature of liquid nitrogen during the grinding process;

3. During the whole grinding process, the samples are in an independently sealed, ultra-low temperature state, and the integrity of the samples can be preserved to avoid cross-contamination between samples and ensure the control of dangerous and important samples;

4. The cleaning of the sample bottle is very convenient and has high durability;

5. The touch screen is used to set and control the pre-cooling time, grinding time, cycle period, operating frequency of the bumper and other parameters, as well as the entire working process of the instrument. 36 groups of data can be pre-stored for easy recall;

6. It adopts portable design, small body, and has a variety of grinding combinations for users with different application requirements to choose;

7. The instrument has extremely low failure rate, extremely high durability, reliability and safety.

Typical application:

1: Extraction of nucleic acid/protein

Grind various animal tissues (including bones, teeth, hair, muscles, and various organs) and plant tissues (roots, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, etc.) under liquid nitrogen temperature, effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and retain enzymes Active, used for the pretreatment of extracting nucleic acid and protein from animal and plant tissue cells.

2: Pharmaceutical analysis and drug testing

Ultra-low temperature cryo-grinding enables metabolites, isomers and complex compounds that are sensitive to heat and mechanical pressure to maintain their original characteristics. Sensitive substances. Compound molecules in drugs and their metabolites are very important for pharmaceutical research or criminology experiments. of.

3: Medical research

Ultra-low temperature cryo-grinding has begun to be widely used in the field of medical research.

4: Pretreatment of special samples

For volatile substances, such as coal, oil shale, wax products, and many other organic materials with low molecular weight compounds, the matrix will evaporate quickly when ground at room temperature. Ultra-low temperature cryomills are used, because the whole process of the sample is sealed In the sample bottle and grinding at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, it can ensure the retention of volatile compounds, and then can be enriched and analyzed by gas purging.

5: Analysis of plastic/polymer composition

It is difficult to grind plastics, resins, textiles and polymers at room temperature, and it becomes very easy at ultra-low temperatures. At the same time, it can avoid the influence of temperature rise caused by friction during the grinding process on the molecular structure and composition information of the sample.

6: Detection of heavy metals

With the increasing requirements of various countries for the content of heavy metals in the environment and safety, the detection of heavy metals has become very important. For many difficult-to-handle samples, such as food packaging materials, clothing, children's toys, leather, rubber, and circuit boards Etc., the use of ultra-low temperature: the rapid and pollution-free treatment of the frozen grinder can greatly improve the efficiency of analysis and testing.

Ultra-low temperature cryogenic grinding machine has a wide range of applications in commodity inspection, forensic identification and other fields.

Technical parameter:

The main parameters

Parameter range


Immersion liquid nitrogen cryomill



Grinding method

Liquid nitrogen freezing with electromagnetic vibration

Working frequency

1-20 time/sec

Working capacity


Single grinding cycle


Display operation

LCD touch screen


220V 50HZ

Coil material

Imported antifreeze copper

Grinding tank material

Transparent PE

Grinding time

1-9999S, arbitrarily adjustable

Grinding amount


Pre-cooling time


Liquid nitrogen can be immersed


Grindable temperature

Lowest -196℃

Oscillating electronic material

stainless steel





Comparison chart of grinding effect:

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