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Brand:Shanghai Jingxin

Specifications :Set

Introduction:Mortar grinder is based on imitating the traditional manual grinding method, through the friction and squeezing of a mortar and pestle, so as to complete the pulverization of the sample.

Product Description:

The mortar grinder (patented product, counterfeiting must be punished! '2018200735340) is based on imitating the traditional manual grinding method, through the friction and squeezing of a mortar and pestle, so as to complete the pulverization of the sample. After the sample enters the feed port, it moves inward along the direction of the mortar movement. After hitting the scraper, a part of the sample gathers on the upper and lower contact surfaces of the mortar and the mortar, and another part of the sample enters the mortar along the wall of the mortar. The back contact surface of the mortar and the mortar, this cyclic movement ensures the uniform crushing of the sample. Compared with the mortar, the mortar is an eccentric design. On the one hand, the mortar drives the mortar to rotate, and the friction force is generated by the contact with the sample to crush the sample; on the other hand, the weight of the mortar itself and the adjustable elastic force acting on the axial direction of the mortar are produced. The pressure crushes the sample.

main feature

*Easy to clean

*Suitable for dry grinding, wet grinding and freezing grinding

*Optional pretreatment for rough samples

*The sample volume can be increased through the feed window during the grinding process

*Due to the wide selection of scraper materials, it can meet all application tasks (polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, beech wood)

*The position of the mortar and pestle can be adjusted and moved without tools

*Due to the scale adjustment, the pestle head can be set accurately and repeatably

*Due to the setting of digital time and speed, the grinding result is representative

*Suitable for samples with different heat sensitivity, so that the grinding results are accurate and well optimized

*Due to the multiple selectivity of the material of the mortar and pestle of the grinding tool, it can meet all application tasks

technical parameter:


1) It can handle medium-hard, hard and brittle samples;

2) Working principle: Grind the sample through the friction between the mortar and the mortar;

3) Crushing speed: 30-160rpm

4) Feeding size: 5~20mm

5) Discharge size: ≤5μm (depending on the nature of the sample)

6) Discharge particle size: 10-20 μm

7) Sample batch processing volume: 10ml~230ml

8) Grinding time: 0~9999S

9) The pressure of the scraper can be adjusted

10) Usuki pressure can be adjusted

11) Motor rated power: 180 watts

12) Rotation speed: 50-180 revolutions per minute

13) Abrasive materials: agate, zirconia, stainless steel, hard steel, carbide, etc.

14) The mortar adopts a strong shock-proof plastic shell, which can prevent damage during vibration, and the unique edge design is convenient for grasping. The mortar is embedded in the machine to prevent collision and damage;

15) LED lighting equipment, the top cover is equipped with acrylic glass window to monitor the grinding process;

16) The pressure exerted by the grinding pestle on the mortar bowl can be adjusted quickly and easily and accurately, and read on the scale, with reliable repeatability;

17) The scraper can be adjusted at the upper limit of the three-axis to ensure that the scraper is always perfectly fitted with the inner wall of the mortar bowl and guides the rising material to the grinding pestle. At the same time, it can be manually re-adjusted during the grinding process;

18) The top cover is equipped with a sample adding window, which can conveniently add sample materials, liquids and additives during the grinding process;

19) Accurate digital display, the grinding time can be accurate to seconds;

20) Equipped with a control panel with a sputtering film keyboard to prevent damage to the control panel when samples are frozen;

21) *The rotating motor adopts imported extended version, high-power motor, which can grind harder samples.

22) *Adopt advanced touch screen control program, more user-friendly operation.

23) *10 groups of programs can be stored to facilitate the use of different control programs for different samples to further subdivide grinding operations.

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